Back-to-School Book Round Up

Children’s Book-aholic: One who cannot resist purchasing picture books at every garage sale, thrift store and book store visit!

That’s me! I LOVE finding very special and unique books with glorious vocabulary! I never ‘need’ the books, but they call my name and tempt me with every shelf I stop at. Books are like gifts of the imagination. And, I want to share these gifts with you!!

Since school has started or will be starting soon for most children throughout the country, it’s time to check out my back-to-school selections. These books all have a school theme and many of them help children connect with the feelings they might be having as they begin a new year and grade level.

Letter Expert

Want to help your child become a Letter Expert?? Follow these easy and fun activities to explicitly introduce letter names, shapes, sounds and formation! The knowledge of the letters and their relationship to words we speak, read, and write is crucial for children in...

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Summer Fun

Do you have a caterpillar lover in your family?? My children love all things animals and insects. They have since they were very young. Their excitement for living creatures brings me back to when I was little. I used to dig in the dirt to find 'Sammies', the name I...

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Summer Time Beach-y Sensory Frame

It's getting hot in our area (although you can't quite tell with my daughter's winter coat on!), so we will be heading to the beach soon. What better time to bring out the beach-y sensory items. For this frame, I added shells, sticks and wooden slices, tag board...

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Writing in the Early Years

  "My child does not like writing!" ...... I can't say how many times I've heard this from a parent or teacher. There are several reasons a child might not enjoy writing. Could it be that his/her fine motor skills are not strong enough to maintain the pencil grip...

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Mother’s Day: Fabulous picture books and a FREE printable

Mother's Day is such a special day to celebrate the miracle of motherhood and gratitude for everything moms do in our lives. For this occasion, I have compiled a list of some great books to read together. These would also be wonderful for dads or other caregivers to...

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Sensory Frames for Oral Language- Spring Themed

You may have heard of sensory tables or tubs. They are a staple in preschool education and provide so many great opportunities for learning. Children benefit by exploring their senses, using oral language to talk about what they are doing at the table and coming up...

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April is National Poetry Month

I am a strong proponent of exposing children to poetry early. There are so many great kids' poetry books out there (Here is a list of my favorites). I have to admit that my collection is fairly large. I may have an addiction! 🙂 One of my favorite poetry books for...

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PLAYING WITH SOUNDS (Phonemic Awareness)

How many times do you hear a child repeat songs, rhymes, or phrases from a book? All of the time? My girls still do this, but when they were much younger, it was even more important to me to encourage these types of ‘word play’. When children rhyme, manipulate and...

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