Hi there! If you’re reading this very first post, you’re probably a friend of mine. So, let me begin by saying, Thank you!  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to explore this blog. I’m so thrilled that you’re here!

I am very new to this world of blogging, but if you can bear with me, I promise to do my best to provide you with a variety of activities, research, games, and all around fun things to do with your children at home or in the classroom! Our worlds online are constantly being inundated with information. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what information to trust.  I aim to provide research and rationale behind my ideas and suggestions whenever possible. If you check out my ‘Reading Foundations’ page, you’ll also find brief explanations of the five sections of literacy I will refer to often.

Through my research and experience, I have discovered many amazing educators who also blog and share their ideas. When I find articles that really speak to me, I will pass those along to you as well.

This will be a journey we will go on together. Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions.  Reflecting on my craft is a huge part of my growth. I have learned so much from other educators and parents.  So, I want to hear your opinions and thoughts. Thanks again for joining me! Let’s get started.

Hold Fast Your Dreams

Within your heart

Keep one still, secret spot

Where dreams may go,

And sheltered so,

May thrive and grow–

Where doubt and fear are not.

Oh, keep a place apart

Within your heart,

For little dreams to go.

– by Louise Driscoll


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